One tenth of the way there!

Every summer in Colorado they have a Renaissance Festival.  It’s about a 45 minute drive down the interstate, through a little town and a nice walk from a huge field that’s turned into parking every Saturday and Sunday for just over 2 months.  There all sorts of shows, vendors, craftsmen and games… not to mention wonderful food and drink.  We went last year with our friends, but since they’re pregnant this year, and she’s about a month from her due date, we went with some people S works with.  Now that we sort of knew what to expect, we were hoping to enjoy it a little bit more.

The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS!!!  Sorry to my southern and east coast readers, but we had highs in the low 80’s, low humidity and beautiful blue skies that went on for miles and miles.  S wasn’t feeling too well, but he insisted on going since it was so nice.  We jumped in the car at about 11:30, and got down there about an hour and a half later (traffic was pretty rough). 

We walked in and S went to find his meade, I grabbed an artichoke and finished his red beans and rice.  We met up with our friends who had been there for about an hour, then we all started walking around, playing some games and visiting some of the craftsmen.  S found a sword (he wants to have a collection eventually), I got my anniversary present (a beautiful handcrafted ring) and I also got henna done (I freaked my mom out with that, as I don’t have any tattoos… so her getting the picture shown below really upset her, haha.  Sorry mom!!!). 

I also got to try two of my three things I’ve never eaten before… boar and ostrich.  S brought over steak on a stake and sausage on a stake while we were watching his friends throw axes.  He didn’t tell me that the sausage was actually boar, and while I thought it tasted differently than all of the other suasage I’ve eaten, it wasn’t bad.  It was a sweeter sausage, and pretty good.  As we were walking around, I saw a jerky stand that had all sorts of weird jerky… alligator, boar, regular and ostrich.  I’ve tried alligator (I think) and had eaten boar already, so I figured why not knock another one off the list.  It was pretty close to regular beef jerky, nothing crazy.  The “maiden” at the stand said it was the least exotic tasting of the weird choices.  So… boar and ostrich: all right by me!

Here are a few pictures from the day (sorry for the quality… they’re from my phone’s camera):

My henna
Anniversary present: peridot to symbolize the month of our wedding, August
A festival worker and the “shiney” he found
Trying on hats
We had such a great time, and look forward to heading back in the years to come to enjoy the food, drinks and atmosphere!  With attending the festival, I could cross another thing off my list, Attend an outdoor festival, which puts me at finishing a grand total of 11 items!  I’m 10% to my goal! 

So today means a day full of laundry, cleaning and packing – today is the last Sunday we have at the apartment… since we’ll be gone the next two weekends.  Guess I should sign off and get to it!  Have a great Sunday!

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