New and improved

So it’s time for a new edition of Monday Musings.

After I worked all morning yesterday on my blog update and finally put it up right before Trueblood came on, I couldn’t believe how amazing it had turned out and how, of all things, I had actually done it myself.

Ok, ok.  So I took a basic layout and completely changed colors and fonts.  I guess I didn’t do it from scratch.  But I was almost to the point of paying someone to change my blog, when I had an epiphany yesterday morning (see yesterday’s post, the part about brackets!) and did it myself!   

So what then am I musing over?  It’s this: Why is it that making even small physical changes can make you feel more inspired and refreshed?

It all started when I was watching an episode of Dear Genevieve over the weekend.  This particular episode was about a family who had an attic room that was just a trainwreck… dark brown walls with little natural light, an overstuffed sectional that dominated the room, as well as a poorly placed office.  The family spent all of their time up there and the mom was getting stressed about thinking about going up there.  So they emailed Genevieve, she came in and did a $2000 makeover and the room was gorgeous!  She lightened up the walls, added some furniture that more appropriate for the room and rearranged things to make it flow better.  The mother started crying saying how she couldn’t wait to spend time up there now with her little girls.

I kind of feel that’s how my blog makeover turned out: while the layout I had before was pretty streamlined, the colors were dark, and I just felt a sense of blah from it… and it kept me from blogging sometimes.  Sort of like the closet, it was just a big mess and I couldn’t bring myself to look at it.  But now, everything’s streamlined and put together.  I want to blog all the time, but it would be pointless and boring so I won’t (“S and I went to the store and bought cheese!  Ohhhh it’s so good!” – blah!).

I guess we all sort of fall into a routine, get used to our everyday scenery.  Just a little bit of color or rearranging of furniture can bring excitement in and make things feel new.  It’s also another part of the reason I’m excited to settle down into a house… once things get boring, I don’t have to move to spice them up again!  Just a coat of paint, some new linens, and a quick rearranging and things feel new again!

Anything you’ve done recently that was an easy change that turned out to really refresh you and get you excited again?


  1. we re-did our back deck! I want to spend all of my time(in the evening when its cool!) out there now

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