I wish they had done this study when I was in school!

Since I have some major catching up to do with my articles, I figured I’d do one today while I’m eating some left-over whole-wheat beef stroganoff (which, surprisingly isn’t that bad).

I don’t know about you, but in high school, I had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.  My high school has always started at 7:50 am, which for most teenagers is entirely tooo early.  I can’t count the number of times I overslept and went to school with wet hair because I didn’t have time to finish getting ready.

Another new study (since I’m a scientist) discusses the benefits of starting high school later.  Maybe my future children will benefit from this!

The gist: This study, the first of its kind, was performed at a private school in Rhode Island.  During its winter term, the start of the school day was pushed back to 8:30 am, while the length of the day didn’t change (to still provide the same amount of instruction, some schedules were adjusted).  All students participating in the study completed surveys before and after the period, and it was found that more students felt more rested and were in better moods/were less depressed after the study than they did before the study.  It’s also suggested that, unlike adults, adolescents need 9+ hours of sleep a night.

My take: Like I said, I wish I had this when I was in school!  The article also alluded to the fact that with the students not getting enough sleep the night before, they tend to sleep in on weekends to make up for it.  I remember I used to sleep til 11-12 sometimes because I was so exhausted!  I always thought it was just a “teen” thing to do, but it really makes sense!  Even though now I feel like I don’t get enough sleep, I guess I really do, since I get up within 30-45 minutes of the same time each day.  The problem with starting later, at least from my understanding of the way things work in the school district I went to, is that they have the times set up so that there’s always someone home with the elementary school kids: the middle schoolers started last and the high schoolers started first, with the little ones sandwiched in between.  I definitely think they should look more into this, and maybe my future children will be easier to deal with 😉


  1. The biggest problem is that a lot of parents rely on their older high school children to be home for when their younger elementary school children get home from school. That’s the reason why most schools haven’t changed the schedule around according to articles that I have read about this study. It is very interesting though.

  2. Yeah, that was definitely the case with my hometown. I want to know how they were able to shorten the day by 30 minutes and still get the required educational time in. Since it’s early in the study, a lot more has to be done to see what happens. The other issue is that it sounded like it was more like a boarding school, where there will be no unattended young children.

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