I got a makeover!

Well, the blog did!

I am finally crossing the Design my own blog off the list.  I was really messing around about a month and a half ago, learned my way around CSS/HTML and was able to do most things, except create my own header (and I refused to just put pictures there, because I wanted to really do something on my own) and background.

So I’ve been looking around blogs for what seems like hours trying to find what style represented me… clean lines, bright colors and simple graphics.  When I realized that a lot of the headers on some of the sites I really liked used brackets (!!!SCORE!!!) I went looking for a font that had something a bit more than the traditional brackets.  Yay for Microsoft Office!  I then installed a few other fonts, messed with them all in Publisher then TheGimp (my Photoshop trial ran out, and why pay that much money for a subscription when the open source software does what I need it to, and, I’m used to it because it’s what I have on the Linux box at work) and viola!  My blog is everything I wanted it to be!

I’m soooo excited with how this turned out.  I would love to get into designing blogs as a side job.  I know it wouldn’t be much money, but it would still be tons of fun!  I still have to figure out a few things (I could not get my signature image to work, but I will!!), but this is a huge success!!  Let me know what you think!!!

What a great weekend!!


  1. impressive!! I wouldn’t even know where to being doing something like this…

  2. Love the new design! It’s so fun and fresh! I, sadly, am clueless when it comes to web design – and I was a graphic design major in college!

  3. LOVE IT!! You are so creative! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the compliments ladies 😀

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