Friday Five: 23 July

It’s time for another edition of Friday Five!

1. This week was S’s last week of work at his job.  So he’s been super busy packing up boxes, wrapping up research and catching people up to speed on the status of his projects.  He’s so excited for his new opportunity to start on Monday (although I’m pretty jealous because he’ll get to work from home for a week and a half, and I don’t get that luxury)!!

2. On Saturday night, I talked S into walking to the closest ice cream shop… about a 15-20 minute walk over the Platte and across I-25 to “Little Man Ice Cream”.  It was a little ice cream stand, that was in the shape of a milk jug.  And the ice cream was fabulous!!! Picture Source

3. It was on this day, a year ago, that S and I were in single digits to our wedding.  I was scrambling to get programs printed, table numbers cut out and in frames and everything packed for the week before as well as our honeymoon.  I can’t believe a year has passed since this point.  Soon, we won’t be newlyweds, but a regular married couple, with two cats and a new house.  I love my life!!!

4. Yesterday was a really frustrating day at work.  I’ve made some sort of mistake that I can’t find.  I’m sure it’s a small typo in my program, but I can’t find it, and my boss really wants to see results.  I told him I had them, they’re just wrong.  So by about 4 pm yesterday, I had been looking through code and comparing it with similar codes for about 4 hours with no luck.  I walked away and met up with S and his colleagues for happy hour.  Here’s hoping I find the error today.

5. Wednesday was our friend’s baby shower.  I had really really wanted to do a diaper cake, but someone else did it, so I made little wagons of baby things instead.  I think they turned out cute, and a few people at the shower commented on how nice they were.  The party was nice… mostly people from her work (since the family is out of town) and we sat around and talked and ate.  Not to mention it was a great get out of work early excuse!

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