Friday Five: 16 July

Welcome to another edition of Friday Five (even though I know it’s being posted a day late, I had started it and ran away from my computer and completely forgot to finish!)!  This week hasn’t been too eventful, which is a great thing – we’ve got so much stuff coming up in the next month and a half that a down week is always appreciated.

What do you mean next month and a half?  Here’s the brief run-down:

16 days until our 1-year anniversary.  Last night I was looking through our wedding pictures and just couldn’t believe that this time a year ago our showers were over, our bachelor/bachelorette parties were over and we were just two weeks away from saying “I do”.  It’s been so amazing, and I’m looking forward to the many many years to come.
21 days until we go to Vegas.  I know, what are we thinking?!  But, no worries, other than flights, it’s pretty much a free trip: My father-in-law retired there, so we have a place to stay and for the most part all the food will be paid for.  We haven’t seen him in about 8 months, so it’ll be nice to see him again.  Not to mention my sister J and S’s brother P are going too.  It’ll be a BLAST!
25 days until we close on the house.  Just under 4 weeks now.  At 10 am on Aug 10 we’ll be signing our lives away.  After that, we’ll head to the new house, have a toast and then head home to finish the frantic packing that I can only assume will ensue. Thank goodness for my mom, who comes out the day after to help with everything.  She’s going to be a godsend (not that she isn’t already).
29 days until we move. We have soooo much scheduled for the week after we close (floor refinishing, carpets and airducts cleaned, appliances delivered and installed) that this day will come in the blink of an eye after we close.  I’m excited to be in a place S and I can call our own, and start on our way to really building our lives together.
38 days until school starts. I’m so ready to start the next phase of my education!!  I’ve already been registered by the people at CSU-global campus and now it’s just finishing up the paperwork on my end and purchasing the book.

Ok – after all of that reading, it’s on to the real Friday Five:
1. The inspection last week went really, really well!  There were only 4 things wrong, one of which was only due to the heavy rains that happened last week.  And the seller agreed to fix them all!  Our realtor keeps trying to get us to move up closing, but there’s just really no time (although I would LOVE to be in our new house earlier).
2. I’ve gotten through the entire first season of House and am now onto the second, and I’m almost through that too!  Truth be told though, I’ve seen a bunch of the second season already on those marathons Bravo and USA show on different nights.  But still, only 3 more past seasons to go, and then I’ll have to try to catch up on Season 6.  It seems though that Fox doesn’t keep the whole seasons up, so I might just have to wait for it to come out on dvd.  But that’s ok.
3. I’ve started on Zyrtec to see if that helps my allergies.  Seems to be working great so far.  Two more days and then I’ll head to Costco and buy a supersize package.
4. I had a meeting with the floor guys to get an estimate to refinish the floors in our new house.  It wasn’t the one day job we were hoping for, but we want the house looking as close to new as we can get it when we move in.  Not too long now!
5. Speaking of the house, I saw this as I was walking up:

And the seller left us a little note.  It was too cute 🙂

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