Changing first (and second, and third) impressions

Growing up, I was always a Lowe’s girl by default.  It was the only major chain of home improvement in town and my parents groomed me to believe that it was the only place I should shop for home stuff.  I even spent the summer between undergrad and grad school working at Lowe’s as a cashier/return desk person (pickings were slim for jobs even then!).  So when S told me that we would need some appliances, I automatically thought “Lowe’s”.

A couple of Saturdays ago, S and I spent the whole morning/early afternoon appliance shopping.  We went to all of the major appliance stores: Lowe’s, Sears, Best Buy and on our way home we passed a Home Depot.  Why not, doesn’t hurt, right?

Every time I’d been to Home Depot, the people were less-than-friendly, didn’t know anything about the products in their department and I felt that things there just weren’t as well taken care of as things are at Lowe’s.

So after visiting all of the other stores, we went into Home Depot, walked over to the appliances, and were met by Linda, the appliance specialist.  She absolutely blew us away.  Even though we told her we weren’t making a purchase and were just pricing appliances, she spent a good 45 minutes with us, showing us demos on washers, giving us information on different brands and showing us the appliance book that gave us more options than anything we’d seen on the floor there or anywhere else.  As we walked out of the store, we knew we were going back.

After about 10 days, massive amounts of research and pricing, we went back to Home Depot to make those purchases: stove, microwave, dishwasher, washer and dryer.  If there’s one thing you take from this post, take this: Spend the time to price what you’re looking for at other places.  Two days ago I found that the washer I want was $90 cheaper at one place than Home Depot, and the dishwasher was $70 cheaper too.  So not only did they match that price, but they beat it by 10%.  It was definitely worth the 30 minutes I spent doing some research.  After everything was said and done (the price matching and beating, 10% for energy star and 10% off for a new card), we saved about a $1000.  Amazing.

So what did we get?  These Picture Source:

 This also led me to finish another thing on my list: Give an anonymous complement to a business.  I felt that her service was outstanding, and has changed our mind about shopping at Home Depot.


  1. Oh my word! Steve and I just have a similar but opposite experience. We usually got to Home Depot, but checked out Lowe’s for a new dishwasher. We had a terrible experience. The Sales Rep offered no help, he didn’t address our concerns, and when we decided to buy one he told us the one we wanted was discontinued even though it wasn’t because he wouldn’t walk over and check the correct item number. We decided to still buy there because Home Depot did not have the one we really wanted. It was so frustrating. I’m glad that you had a better experience than I did!

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