Where to even begin?!

What an AMAZING weekend.  My parents flew in on Friday evening and it was a non-stop, wonderful time until this morning when I dropped them off at the airport.

I’ll probably break it down into a couple of posts – as I finished one of my to-do’s: Go on a ghost tour and started two others.  I really meant to blog, but I’d sit down with the netbook, and just couldn’t find the motivation to type on those so tiny keys.

I guess I should start with this: we ate SOOOO much this weekend.  And we did amazing at picking places to go: 5/6.  The one we missed wasn’t our fault – the place was closed due to the holiday weekend (it was on Sunday… we really thought they’d still be open) so Hard Rock Cafe it was.  Although, I think for my mom it was 6/6 because apparently their Creme Brulee is amazing.

It was also really hard to get some workouts in.  I skipped Friday, although not on purpose.  I was supposed to leave at 3 from work, but due to some issues with data (grrrr) I didn’t get out of here til 3:30.  So there went my workout time (traffic was a bear AND we had to vacuum, dust, put away a little more things and set up my parent’s bed).  I got up early though on Saturday and went to the gym and then got in another good workout Sunday night (and, the walking around Estes Park and sweating in the sun at the baseball game on Sunday all helped).  And, yesterday, I took the day off again.   I know, I know.  The weight isn’t going to come off if I keep taking days off.  No more (even though today I feel like poo – my allergies are raging!!)!!  I’ve also decided to go back on the Scarsdale Diet on the 14th to get a good jump on my weight – since I’m down to 29 days til FL and I’m not seeing results like I want.  I figure the combination of continuing to work out and the two week diet will get me where I want to go (last time I went on it, I lost almost 7 pounds, and the scale in the weight room on Saturday said I had finally lost some weight!).

Since I won’t be dedicating a post to Sunday, I’ll post a picture of us from the Rockies game – we had AMAZING seats, and got plenty of sun.  The Rockies lost, but they made a run for it there at the end.  We were also upset because Torre didn’t come out of the dugout at all, except at the end of the game to shake hands – we were hoping to get his book signed for my dad.

Having my parents out, or S’s family too, makes me really miss being closer to family.  But we know that we’ll end up where we’re supposed to be.  A cute picture of Haley and my dad at breakfast on Monday morning (S made crepe’s… mmmm)

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