Meetings galore!

Yesterday was so crazy busy that I didn’t get a post up.  Things have been pretty boring around here lately anyway 🙂  Hopefully I can find the time to find an article and blog about it, but I’m not sure I’ll be that lucky, as I’ve already had one meeting and have another in a little over an hour.

So S’s interview went soooooo well yesterday!!!  He’s really excited about how well it wen, how well they got along and the position, and we hope to have exciting news to share on that front next week, if not the week after next – depending on how long it takes her to make her decision, notify HR and have HR make the offer.  So PLEASE send prayers, good vibes, whatever our way.  This is such an important milestone in our lives, and will open so many doors for us! (House hunting, maybe?!)

Yesterday I had a meeting with a fantastic woman in HR here, and we talked about various benefits that I have.  I set up a meeting today with my division director to get him on board with me going back to school, and how to approach my boss with asking for his approval.  I’m getting things all lined up, so look for some more posts to come about heading back to school after you’ve been in the working world for a bit – and the challenges that poses.

Last night, we tried restaurant #3: McCormick’s Fish House and Bar.  It was sooooooo good.  S wasn’t really too impressed, although it turns out it was because he just can’t eat fish for dinner (unless it’s fish and chips) and not the quality of food.  I had no idea it was a chain, but since I haven’t eaten there, I’m counting it 🙂  It’s located on the bottom floor of the Oxford Hotel in LoDo Picture Source

I started with the oyster sampler (last night’s dinner was as much seafood as I wanted… Score!) and they were FANTASTIC.  My favorite was the Crystal Rock oyster from Washington (I think it was).  For my main course, I had a piece of grilled swordfish and steamed broccoli.  The fish was lightly seasoned and cooked soooo well.  S had an oven roasted halibut in a pastry with a port wine sauce and mushrooms.  It looked soooo good.  I can’t wait to go back and try other things when I have a great workout routine going so I don’t have to be as careful with what I eat (notice I said as careful… I still have to watch it).  They have such fabulous things on the menu

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