If I have one more uphill and downhill, I think I’ll go crazy.

So, as I mentioned in yesterday’s Friday Five, yesterday was the day we were supposed to find out whether or not S got the job he’s be in interviews with.  Noon… nothing.  2 pm… nothing.  3 pm… I’m physically ill.  By about 3:15, I realize I’m going to get nothing else completed and so I message S and tell him I’m on my way to pick him up.  It’s now 3:30 pm.  I see him walking to the car with a defeated posture, and mentally prepared myself to put on a huge smile for him to take his mind off things.  I know I’ve inadvertanly put pressure on him for this position, so I gave myself a lecture and said that was over, that I now had to support my husband and we’d get through this together.  Low point of the week/weekend number one.  He gets in the car and tells me that his officemate (who has also been going through the same interview process for the last 3 weeks, but for another position) was offered the job 20 minutes prior.  I immediately thought…. great.  Then realized his last name starts with a B.  And that is quite a few in the alphabet before us, so maybe he was just going in order.

We start talking about what we were barely able to accomplish and the meetings of the day and such that we had going on, when one of my favorite songs of all time (The Scientist by Coldplay) came on.  About a minute into the song, S’s phone rings.  No name, just a number.  He picks up… my palms get sweaty.  I hear, muffled through his ear: Hi, S, this is big bad president calling you and I wanted to let you know that you have an offer package on its way to you.  Ok, so I didn’t hear alll of that, but I heard big bad president’s name and nothing could wipe that smile off my face.  We are ECSTATIC!!!!!  High point of the week/weekend number 1.  So, starting sometime in July (barring any other amazing out-of-the blue opportunities), S will be making the switch to his new position – as the lead numerical weather prediction modeler for this wind energy company.  Not only does this provide a steady, higher salary for him, but it provides the stability and a place to settle. 

After we celebrated the exciting news and caught up with an old friend, we opened back up the house-hunting conversation.  We decided that we would go over to the house again this morning/afternoon and see what changes we could make, what upgrades had already been made, and if we would commit to this house or keep looking.  S told me though that for his sanity, he wanted some time this morning to look at other houses for sale in the area to see if there was anything else he liked that’s already there.

So… this morning.  We get up super early (like, normal work time, without hitting the snooze button!!!) and he starts browsing for houses, and found the same thing I did.. nothing that was interesting to us that was in a comfortable price range.  During his research, however, he was lead to the idea to get a buyers agent, especially if looking at new builds.  So we contacted one (actually woke her up… oops) and met with her about a half hour before we went back to the development.  We went over our wants/needs and then went to meet the saleswoman.  That’s when it hit the fan.  She was rude from the second we walked in the door.

She acted like we were such a burdon to her… that we were bothering her by asking her questions.  We went to look at the house (what progress in the 6 days since we were there – drywall is now up in the entire house!) and she explained a bit more about the upgrades and what they can/cannot do at this point.  S, our agent and I walked around the neighborhood, discussed a few things and decided to actually put a contract in.  High point of the week/weekend number 2.  We start going over the contract and she got VERY thrown off her game, since our agent pointed out a few parts of the contract that put us at very high risk (and, for those of you who don’t understand anything about houses… believe me, I don’t know much more than you do… I’ve just been looking around at mortgage rates and learning what terms means through fantastic tutorials like what Bank of America has).  I’ve never been around two people who are not getting along like the saleswoman and our agent was.  I got so uncomfortable that I left the room once.  The saleswoman was plain rude and unprofessional, and we actually walked out.  We’re going back tomorrow (which, we probably shouldn’t – but we love the house) and she has one more chance to make this right, or we walk for good.  S is going to talk to her before we go in there, because he’s got this mindset that I should be having fun going through all of this… not back to feeling like I was not knowing about his job.  Low point of the week/weekend number 2.

Hopefully, tomorrow will go much better than today.  That Buy a house to-do could soon be on its way to being complete.


  1. Uh… YAY JOB! Boo to awful salesperson. Good luck!!

  2. Ugh! I totally know where you’re coming from. The selling agent for our house was extremely unhelpful during our process. She was not very forthcoming with information, and she dragged throughout the whole process. Luckily, we had a very experienced agent who put her in her place a couple times. He was definitely on our side, that’s the main job for an agent.

    If the saleswoman is really that bad, your agent should tell them they’re not going to get a sale being like that. Or just tell her that, because I’m sure threatening a sale would make her pull her stick out.

    So sorry y’all are going through this! It should be a fun process, until you go into contract. As crappy as the housing market is, you’d think salesmen and agents would be more willing to help. =(

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