Green thumb? We’ll see…

Another one of my goals is to grow a plant from a seed.  Growing up, I remember watching my grandfather taking such great care of his garden out back.  It had such amazing tomatoes and green beans, cucumbers and peppers.  I used to walk from their house, through the garden (grabbing a bright red tomato on the way), and continued across the alley to the neighborhood pool.  I would rub the tomato on my towel and eat it like an apple.  They are to this day the best tomatoes I’ve ever eaten – at the peak of ripeness and warmed by the summer sun.

Since we’re in apartment, while we could grow tomatoes, I’ve decided to save that project until we actually have a house.  Not to mention my cousin gave us wildflower seeds for her wedding favors.  So, mom and I went to Lowe’s and grabbed a 30″ window box, some potting soil, plant food and a watering can (and, ok ok, two gorgeous Gerbera daisies already potted) to attempt to create a nice atmosphere on our small balcony.  It only took about 5 minutes to go from this: 

to this:

We get great morning sun, so it’s perfect for our plants.  As soon as I see some blooms (which could be as early as July!), I’ll count this “to-do” as done!  Oh – and one of the cute pictures I took this weekend… Haley watching us plant:

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