Friday Five: 25 June

Welcome to the last edition of Friday Five for the month of June!  Where has this month gone!!!  Holy smokes.

1. On Sunday, S and I went driving around to look at various houses that I had found within our price range just to get an idea of the neighborhoods and what we could really get for our money.  We saw some cute places, and some other neighborhoods that were a bit too rundown for our liking… we want to live in a community where people take pride in where they live.  Yes, houses age.  But that doesn’t mean you have the excuse to not take care of things.  Anywho, we ended up heading to the model in the new build development that I fell in love with.  We walked through it to get a feel of the materials and such.  Then, we went over to the house that they are currently building… the sides are up, but inside it’s just framed.  So she suggested heading over to the model of that exact house in another one of their neighborhoods.  Monday after work we headed over to that neighborhood and checked out the model… LOVE LOVE LOVE.  The rooms aren’t too bad size wise, and there are 3 beds, 3 baths with a finished basement.  Here’s a view of the outside of the model… if this house is available when we find out job news, then our house could look like this (we’re hoping to actually get that color).  Oh – the house is much longer than it is wide.

2. Today is the day we’re supposed to find out about S’s job.  Monday, he had an email from the President of the company he’s been interviewing with asking for a phone call on Tuesday.  So on Tuesday morning, he had that phone call, and was told they’d be following up by the end of the week.  Well… they have another 8.5 hours (they’re based out of California, but are opening a research branch here) otherwise I may go completely INSANE!  I have been nothing but a stressball all week (which is why I haven’t posted… I just haven’t been able to process my thoughts!).  I really really hope we hear something.

3. Yesterday, I had my meeting with the dietitian.  It was really fantastic, and I found out how much I could actually eat, as long as I was watching how many servings of what I’m eating as well as portion size.  She said just by doing that, I’ll inadvertently cut down calories.  And, by making the switch to fully whole grain (pastas, rice, breads), I could lose up to 10 pounds!  I don’t really need that… I just need to lose that persistent belly fat and tone the rest up.  I’m coming to terms with the fact that it’s more about inches and body fat, than pounds.  I can do this.

4. I’ve officially set up a meeting with the boss, his supervisor and the admin responsible for the division to discuss going back to school in the fall.  Date of doom: July 8.  Good news is that I got the work done that he really wanted from me yesterday so he’s pretty happy with the way things are going right now.  We have a workshop next week in Breckenridge and then S and I are off to Boca Raton, FL for a nice 4 day break (6, if you include travel days).  I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

5. On Wednesday night, S and I went to the Rockies/Red Sox game.  We saw the best pitching match-up we could’ve asked for: Ubaldo Jiminez vs. John Lackey.  The first few innings were fantastic… the Rockies went up quick.  But come the top of the 6th, the Red Sox came back to take the lead.  Since we were so stressed, we headed home… and we missed the good stuff!  The Rockies came back in the bottom of the 9th to win it with a walk-off homerun by Jason Giambi.  Man.  Oh well.  We heard the eruption of the crowd, which was so cool. There was actually a sold out crowd too.

    As I mentioned in 4, I’ll be gone next week.  S, I’m sure, will take his laptop, so I’m hoping to be able to check in (and, for Mon-Weds, I’ll have mine with me).  I have plans next week to buy Tom’s Shoes (the only store in CO that sells them is in Breckenridge… it was so meant to be!) and then hopefully get to a lighthouse.  But, regardless of what happens, I’m excited to get away and veg out… and work on my tan!

    Oh – I forgot to add that I went to a new restaurant last weekend… The Tavern  in Uptown.  We went for brunch, so I couldn’t really get a good feel of the food, but their Bloody Mary bar was fantastic.  And, I got off cheap!  $2, since I didn’t get the shot with it.  Tomato juice+horseradish+Old Bay+olives = best Bloody Mary EVER.  I had the breakfast sliders with chorizo.  They were ok.  S’s chicken tenders looked pretty tasty though.  All in all, I’d say it was alright.  S says their dinner is much better, so maybe I should go back to get a better feel for the place.

    Happy Friday everyone!!!


    1. super cute house!!

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