Friday Five: 18 June

Welcome to the second edition of Friday Five!  I’m really hoping to start to focus my blog on things people would actually like to hear about (even though I know my life is soooo fascinating!) and update weekly on Fridays.

  1. After work on Tuesday, I was able to talk S into driving through the neighborhood that I’ve become obsessed with.  I even found out that there are a few houses that were built in their first phase (back in ’04-’05) that are on the market.  Good news:  they’re cheaper than their new counterparts.  Bad news: Small.  We definitely will have to go check them out, but a master bedroom with dimensions of 13′ x 12′ just does NOT sound comfy.  But, S liked the neighborhood too, and I got a sense of home being there.  *Praying for job news asap cause my stomach is still in knots* At least some of the new builds have master bedrooms that sound more along the lines of what we’d like.  But, I’ve expanded the search out a bit and have found some other places that look nice.  S actually offered to go to a showing of a house, but I got nervous and said we could wait a bit more.
  2.  I got a call from the dietitian associated with the program I’m doing through the Rec Center and I have a meeting next week with her.  I’ll definitely post some tips from that, because I’m sure there are some of you out there like me… love food and would love to not worry about how much/what you eat, but since we’re not getting any younger, it’s a fact we have to face.  I also have gone onto a modified Scarsdale – yesterday I got so physically sick that I realized I can’t do it anymore.  It worked great for the few days I was on it, and that bathing suit looks fantastic and I’m only 3 lbs from my goal weight!!  I’m still really watching what I eat and trying to make healthy substitutions.  Plus, I don’t think the dietitian would be too happy with me if she knew how little I was eating right now.
  3. Since FL is only 2 weeks away, and I still have a bit of pesky cellulite that I know won’t go away with just a week and a half’s worth of workouts, I invested in Nivia’s Goodbye Cellulite Serum.  It’s supposed to reduce effects in 10 days.  Today was day 2, so we’ll see how it goes!  This is just an added effort… I know the permanent results come from hard work!
  4. My division director and I had a great meeting and he’s fully on board with me going back to school.  So now I have to work up the confidence to meet with my boss and pitch the idea to him.  I’m working on filling out the paperwork and will schedule a meeting with all of those who I will need signatures from so I can knock it all out in one shot.  This also means I need to apply and get accepted into the program as well.  So, tips to come on writing a great letter of intent/statement of purpose, for those of you first time appliers or debating on whether or not to go back.
  5. I sat on a panel yesterday morning for undergraduates in the atmospheric science field.  It always makes me feel good knowing that I’m giving my time to students who are in a critical time in their education – they’re not sure how to proceed, how to figure out what they want to do, what school to choose.  I hope a few things I said hit home with some of them.

I also want to thank my friend, J, who’s really been there to listen to me whine and complain about all of this (that is on my list to stop doing… I know, I know.  Soon!!).  She’s truly a God-send, and even though she’s about 8 hours away in NE, we’re sharing similar struggles – getting back into a workout routine that will really work for us and eating a diet that will keep us healthy and fit.  Not to mention she’s also going back to school in the fall (Yayyyyyyy J!!!!) for nursing after taking 10 years off.  If that’s not motivation for others who’ve taken time off that you can actually do it, I don’t know what is!  She gave me some motivation to really take this whole going back-to-school thing to a more serious level!  And, once we’re both finished school, maybe I can talk her and her boyfriend into moving out here to be near us 😀 


  1. 1. The house bug is addictive! My advice: spend a lot of time thinking about the kind of house you want and really look around. We did not do this and I’m already itching to move into a house that has more of the things I want!

    2. Yay for being 3 lbs away! I obviously don’t know the extent of your cellulite (and I’m sure you don’t want to share!) but I have only a little on my thighs and that Nivea stuff worked for mine while I used it! Also, just moisturizing and massaging areas with cellulite in general helps, even if its not a special cream.

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