First Friday Five: 11 June 2010

My close friend Holly over at *Arnold and Me* has been doing a “Friday Five” for a couple of weeks now.  Even though I pretty much update throughout the entire week, I figured why not do this too?  Besides, starting the work week with a random thought is fun, but why not end it with a summary of the week’s happenings?  So, here goes!

1. One of the great benefits of living downtown is there’s always a bunch of stuff going on.  On Monday night, I was finally able to talk S into going on a walk with me.  We got changed and headed out.  Usually we walk down to the park which is down by the Platte River.  This time, since there was a game going on, we walked the opposite direction around the field.  It was really fun to just be in the atmosphere of a game night when you weren’t going to the game.  It was a great way to get some exercise in, but enjoy the city too.  Picture Source.

2. S has a phone interview today!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not too long after I published my post yesterday, he called to tell me that the company emailed him asking him for his availability for an interview!!!  SOOOOOOO EXCITING!!!  This is a step in the direction of really settling down.  I literally could not contain myself when he called and was running around the office exclaiming to everyone who would listen (which isn’t many, lol).

3. I finally heard back from the woman who works in weight training at the rec center in Boulder – but it was a voicemail.  She literally called two seconds after I was out of earshot of the phone when I left work yesterday.  From what the message said, the plan I’m interested in sounds absolutely perfect for my needs, and she said she wants to get me up and running asap.  I called back today…. and she didn’t answer.  *sigh*  Getting involved shouldn’t be this tough!  This leads to…

4. I bought some new workout pants and sports bras from Victoria’s Secret on super clearance.  The pants are backordered til July, but the sports bras are on their way.  I seriously haven’t bought new ones since early college, so this is exciting!  Plus, it’s one more thing to get me motivated!  If you’re on the hunt for sports bras and workout pants, now is the time since they’re having a clearance sale (their sports bras are now cheaper than Target!) and free shipping on orders of $100 or more.  Now I need to find that watch.  Maybe a trip to Target is necessary 😉  And finally,

5. I *think* I found the bathing suit I want to buy.  I have had zero luck finding anything at the usual places… Victoria’s Secret is either too common or racy for my tastes and JCrew just won’t fit anymore in certain areas (just not made for people with my body type).  I fell in love with this one from Anthropologie, but it’s white and strapless (and I just can’t justify spending more than $100 on a swimsuit).  A Facebook friend said something about how Vitamin A’s swimsuits are to die for this season, and I found one that I love!  Only thing that concerns me is the butt – that it’s too racy.  But, that’s what the stores are for.  That would fulfill my craving for a new one for FL, and I can cross it off my to-do list!  If I get it, I’ll show pics (but not with me in it… yet ;))

Oh – and I’m down almost 4 pounds.  I have NO idea how that happened.  Maybe I’ve been cutting calories and didn’t know it?  I have been really bad this week, and haven’t worked out like I should.  I’m wondering if it’s a natural fluctuation due to the “natural cycle” that’s going on with me right now (sorry… probably TMI).  But anyways, my jeans aren’t as snug today and I feel a little better.

Happy Friday to everyone!!  Hope you have a great weekend!

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