First book, and other accomplishments

I finally finished my first book this morning (yay progress first thing in the morning!!).  I’m debating on how to go about doing these types of posts, because I don’t want to give away plot lines, but I want to give my opinion.  Oh well – here goes.

I first heard about The Man from Beijing when I was looking for books in the Sony EReader Store.  Since I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo I’ve been giving mystery novels a go when I find something that sounds interesting.  The reviews on this book said if you loved The Girl… series, then you’d love this book.

The opening was wonderful.  It drew you right in and got you involved with one of the two main female characters, Birgitta Roslin.  From there, the story jumps around, from modern times to the western expansion of the US, from Sweden to China, London and Africa.  The storyline was well thought out, and the premise was great: a few hundred year old “feud” between a Swedish family and a Chinese family – even though the Swedes knew nothing of it.

However, once I got out of the first part, the part where all the action really happens, it lost is luster.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t read it in a quick succession, but maybe I didn’t do that because it just couldn’t hold my interest.  Unlike The Girl… series, the suspense doesn’t hold through the entire time.  I found myself scanning pages instead of really getting immersed and longing for those moments I could get away to read a few pages.  My overall opinion: decent, but I wouldn’t spend the money to buy the book.  Check it out from your local library if you can instead.

As for other things this weekend:

  1. I bought a bathing suit!  Check that one off the list!  It’s a Vitimin A Silver suit, with a triangle top and the tabbed sided bottoms in the color Big Love. It’s sort of retro-ish, and will look fantastic once I get even more of a tan.  I don’t have the bottoms yet, as the store I went to didn’t have it in my size and I came home to order offline, but they’re saying it’s going to be 7-15 business days before I would get it (!!!!!).  Not to mention they want $10 in shipping for that long of a timeframe.  Not impressed.  So I’m going to call the other store in the area to see if they have it and if they do, put it on hold for me.  I also got a super cute coverup to go along.  Bring on Florida!
  2. I started in on the seasons of House.  S and I have been talking about ways to make the gym more bearable, and he suggested a portable dvd player so I can watch tv shows… they’re the perfect length (~45 minutes) and they’re not the same.  We bought it yesterday morning, I charged it through the afternoon and went to the gym last night.  It worked so well!  However, I still want to get into that trainer to see how I can make the gym even more enjoyable.
  3. I found that cheap watch I was looking for at Target yesterday.  $9.99 – Score!  It does what I want to do… 5k here I come!
  4. My car… sigh.  I still don’t know what’s wrong with it.  We took it back to the tire place and they said the tire’s fine, but they’re seeing a wobble in it.  I seriously don’t know what to do anymore.  I’m going to call the body shop again tomorrow and let them know what the tire place said, and if it doesn’t get fixed this time, I think S and I will just trade her in for a hybrid car.  While the idea of a new car is nice, I really want to wait until we buy a house.
  5. I’m headed back to Coors Field today (maybe though… not pleasant weather this weekend) for an afternoon with some of the girls from University of Northern Colorado.  I’m not looking forward to the cold, rainy weather (I thought it was June for goodness sakes, not October), but we’ll have a fun time regardless.

All-in-all it’s been a great weekend.  I really enjoyed not having much of anything to do other than getting the car looked at and the game today.


  1. I suppose I could just check, lol, but I assume you’re reading books for your challenge? I was going to start posting about the books I’ve been reading this week too! I’ll have to keep checking here and seeing your reviews :).

  2. Yes, the books are part of my challenge 🙂 Post about your books too, cause it’s going to get hard when I have to research a book and choose!

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