Coffee? More please!

There’s something about that morning cup of joe that just gets me energized and motivated for the day.  I love coffee in all forms: latte’s, iced, drip, in bean form (mmmm chocolate covered!) and ice cream.  It reminds me of growing up and sitting at the table with my grandmother when we’d get our “coffee”… mostly milk, a little splash of coffee to make it look like coffee (it might’ve been decaf for all I know) and tons of sugar.  My poor parents (don’t worry, I know they’ll get me back for those days when S and I have our own children).

So, article number one (making up for last week) is about a new study that is showing even more benefits to drinking coffee. 

The gist: The article talks about various studies going on at different universities around the world that have been showing the benefits of coffee: lower cancer risks, sharper memory and reduced cardiovascular disease in women.  Some cancers that coffee is linked to reduced risks: mouth, throat, liver, brain, and prostrate.  It’s also been linked to sharper memory: some chemicals prevent neural degeneration associated with aging and various brain disorders.  In addition, for women who drink less than 3 cups of coffee, it is shown to reduce the risks of stroke and heart disease.

My take: Score!  I love my morning coffee.  I love to sit and go over my planner and to do list for the day while sipping on my coffee.  Especially in the summertime… iced coffees are so fantastic.  And, if I’m helping prevent various problems, I’ll take it!  I’m one of those coffee drinkers who drinks about 2 cups a day (A grande at Starbucks is two cups, or 16 oz).  When S and I make our coffee at home, I still drink about the same, since we have really big mugs that we were given at our wedding.  I know that caffeine is a stimulant and can be bad, especially when you’re pregnant.  But, since I only drink the 2 cups, I’m within the daily suggested caffeine intake, even for pregnant women.  

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