Allergies, drama and weight, oh my!

I don’t know what Colorado is doing to me right now – but I sure don’t like it.

For the past two days, I have had a non-stop headache, non-stop sneezing and the itchiest nose I think I could ever have – I wouldn’t be surprised if I scratched the darn thing off!  On Tuesday, I saw why: S’s car (that I had driven to the airport then work) was now a light shade of yellow.  I swore that only happened back east!  And then yesterday, while S was enjoying his potluck lunch, he snapped a picture of a pollen cloud that formed over one of the valleys and moved up over my building.  This morning has been me wrestling with sneezes all while attempting to get some work done.  I’m ready for a nice rain shower to wash it all away (speaking of – if it’s going to stay cloudy it should rain!  My poor little seeds aren’t going to grow if they’re not getting any sun!!).

Ugh, allergies.

Last night on my way to the gym I stopped at our mailbox to check and see if we had received any good reading material for my workout (I really need to change my workout playlist soon – it’s been the same stuff and I’m getting tired of it).  In there was the dreaded: Legal Document: Jury Summons.  So on June 22, I will make my way to Denver District Court to possibly sit as a juror.  I walked back up the apartment and threw it down on the desk in front of S. “You’ll never believe what I just got!  Bossman is going to be pissed!”  He looked at me and asked if I was unhappy about it – “Yes, of course I am.  I don’t want to be a juror”.  “But you like drama, shouldn’t this make you happy?”

Oh yeah.  I’m a drama lover (I know, that’s bad, right?).  My life is so drama free that I live “vicariously” through other people’s drama.  Ugh, I’m such a bad person!  To be honest, I really don’t want to see people hurting or in pain and I usually stay out of it – but hearing other people’s stories (whether real or M.U.D. – made up drama) makes me so appreciative for what I have – in-laws and parents who aren’t over-bearing or pushy, friends who keep me sane and a job, while it has its moments, that allows me to grow and develop my skills.  We’re also a D.I.N.K household (double income, no kids) and are debt free at the moment (until I cross that Buy a House off the list).  I guess I just need some more excitement in my life?  I don’t know. 

The biggest drama that’s happened in my life recently – the fact that my loving, adoring, incredible husband forgot his wedding ring yesterday.  It’s the first time in our 10 months of marriage that he hasn’t worn it.  I’m cutting him some slack, because instead of putting his ring on, he put a bandaid on that hand because I someone forgot to take all of the foil off the wine bottle he used for dinner the night before.  But we were standing in line at Starbucks when he looked down and didn’t see it.  I literally almost started crying in the store (I know… super silly).  He offered to go back and get it, but that’s all I needed – just the offer.  See – I’m telling you, my drama is boring!

Yesterday was the two week mark of when I started taking my measurements to track my weight loss.  And, the results this week weren’t nearly as exciting.  Other than one place, I didn’t gain anything – I either stayed the same or lost a very little bit (like 1/4″ type thing).  Also, since it’s been two weeks since we took pictures, I told S to take some more again.  The good news there – I’m seeing progress, albeit small.  The belly, while still not flat, is not as “pouchie” and I’m seeing some shrinkage in the back fat.  I really need to work my times on the machines up, but I still barely make it through the 30 minutes I do work out, and I’m still sweating like a pig.  Makes me wonder if I’ll ever get up to 5k ready.  I think I’m really going to have to use the Scarsdale to get over this initial mountain hump.

I’m also getting no results from doing pushups.  I’ve been trying to get S to come to the gym with me to lift weights while I get on the elliptical, but he says he needs to be able to do 50 pushups in a night without being sore the next morning.  I don’t think I’ve been sore since the first week.  I have to be doing them wrong.  While my parents were in town, S pulled our Perfect Pushup things out of storage and placed them in the bedroom.  It was almost like a sign.  So, I used them last night – they were tough!  But still – nothing.  I went to the website and found this workout routine for them.  Maybe if I follow them and stop doing the “girly pushup”, I’ll start to feel something and see some tone in my arms.

Please – I’m actually trying here instead of just complaining about how I look and continuing to sit on my butt!!!  This slow progress thing is for the birds.


  1. Keep up the good work! I’ve been reading since your list of things to do, and I can say that I am sharing some of your struggles, especially in the workout/weight department. For me, it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one out there struggling with something like that. And, if we’re trying to better ourselves, then that is the best we can do!

    Also, I’m not sure if you’ve heard about it before, but myself and a co-worker are getting ready to start the 100 pushups challenge ( It promises that you should be able to (or be close to) doing 100 military style pushups after 6 weeks. Thought you might be interested! 🙂

  2. If you want sore arms you should try pull ups. Those are like a million times harder than push ups. I think doing three leaves me sore the next day.. lol.

    As for the drama.. trust me it’s over rated. It’s much more fun being nosy and finding out about other people’s drama. This is probably why I enjoy reading blogs. Occasionally they make me feel better about my life. (This is sad, I am aware of that.)

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