A month already!

So it’s been 30 days since I started my 101/1001 journey.  I have to admit that I don’t have as much done as I’d like, but I’m getting there!

My poor baby car has been having some health issues lately.  I took her back to the shop on Friday and was able to pick her up yesterday.  I had an issue with some of my wheel bearings that was making me feel like I was fishtailing back before Christmas, so after those were fixed I got her some new kicks.  After that, she sat in the garage for a good 4 months without a second look (really bad… I should’ve started her up some).  Now that the weather’s nice, I went to get her running and the battery was dead.  Replaced that.  When my parents were out two weeks ago, I felt the fish tailing again.  Really?!   So I called and took her back in.  Turns out they think I got a defective tire.  They doubled checked everything and that’s the only thing it could be.  So I’ll be taking her back to where we bought the tires in hopes that they’ll exchange it for me (it’s been 6 months… although it hasn’t been 1000 miles).  I’ll keep you posted.

But the reason for that long prelude is because picking her up from the car doctor allowed us to try another new restaurant… Gunther Toody’s. It’s a local chain that has a few locations in the Denver Metro area and a couple in Colorado Springs.  I didn’t get a picture, but both S and I had burgers and fries (I know… I know… and it gets worse).   I had a jalapeno guacamole burger (I cannot get enough of those… try one!), S had the traditional bacon cheese burger with Elvis fries (fries smothered in sausage gravy and cheese).  I also had a yogurt chocolate malt (told you it got worse), but I figured I was at a 50’s style diner, so I had to (plus, due to my “visitor”, I crave sweets!).  The food wasn’t amazing but not bad, and the experience was pretty fun… I could just imagine the scene from the 50’s with girls in their poodle skirts grabbing a malt after school, looking at the boys in their leather jackets over the tops of their big sunglasses.  S really liked it because of the sense of family he got while being there (story: a waitress was crying.  Our waiter went over to console her, and so did the manager.  It was just what you would expect from your own family). Picture source

Today, I did something I really shouldn’t have… I looked at houses online.  Every other time I’ve looked, I’ve never really found anything that really stood out to me.  Until today.

I know that we can’t buy right now.  This is for two reasons… one, we don’t know what’s happening come September and two, we don’t have enough money saved up for a down-payment on a house in our desired price range.  We can still afford them based on our salaries, but would have to pay mortgage insurance, which S is against… and I completely understand.  That doesn’t make that desire go away though :).  It’s sort of like the babybug… but it’s the housebug.  And the housebug is better to have then the babybug!

Should he get an interview next week (keep your fingers crossed!!!!) and then be offered the position, this would make our financial situation even better than it is right now.  It would mean that we would be settling here and we’d be a step closer to putting down roots.  We would look to move closer to Boulder into either a rental house or apartment so we could save over the next year.  But now, I don’t want to!!  I’m throwing such an internal tantrum – hard stomping, arms flailing, screaming and all – that it’s sort of embarrassing.  At least it’s not external yet.  What’s even worse is that they’re going to be available for move in RIGHT when our lease is up.

The community I found (via googling, then changing locations a few times) is actually a new build, and they’re in their phase two of it, which includes single family homes.  The first house I saw I loved… it’s a modern Victorian… but then realized it was a duplex and I didn’t want that.  I went to the builder’s site and saw some others…. and they’re so adorable!

So in true “me” fashion, I made a list of pros/cons.


  1. Price and location – it’s about 9 miles from work.  This is great because there’s still a disconnect, but much closer than the 35 mile commute we’re doing right now.  Since it’s 9 miles outside of Boulder, it’s in a price range where we can get more for our money.  Not to mention, it’s closer to Greeley (which is where I go once a week to advise the chapter of my sorority there).  
  2. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths… with the potential for another bedroom/bath in the unfinished basement.  This is really important, especially since we’d like to have (at this moment in time) a guest bedroom and an office.  The basement could be finished by the builders or we could do it ourselves.  The second idea sounds better, only because it would be fun to do down the road when we need it, and it would allow us to put more money into other upgrades (read: kitchen for S).
  3. Gorgeous master bathroom – dual sinks (which we will have, regardless of when we buy a house), soaking tub (mmmm), stand up shower, walk in closet.
  4. Two levels.  Ha, as funny as it sounds, we need that for our cats to run up and down (Bella’s getting a little pudgy around the middle).
  5. Two car garage and back patio/porch.
  6. What appears to be an open floor plan (no physical pictures, since it’s just online and a model).
  7. Close to my doctor (not that I ever see her more than once a year for that appointment).
  8. Easy access to bus routes


  1. Much more than what we can afford with the money we have saved for a down-payment, without paying mortgage insurance
  2. Small, almost non-existent backyard (in it’s defense, there is a neighborhood park basically across the street from the single family home lots) – so the flowers/veggies I want to grow won’t be as easy.
  3. We don’t even know what this fall will bring with regards to jobs! 

I keep telling myself what while there are 8 things on the pro list, the 1st and 3rd things on the con list are HUGE things.  Not to mention, our lease is up in September, the move-in dates are September.  And that’s 3 months away!  I don’t think S or I are ready to make such a huge purchase in such a short amount of time.  But, just to tease me you even more, here’s the drawing from the builder’s website.

So adorable, right?  I just keep chanting… good things come to those who wait.  But maybe I can talk S into just going over there and looking… doesn’t hurt, right?

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