The week of May 9-15

So with my first attempt at finding an article and blogging about it, I think I’m going to have a major fail.  I have no idea where to look.  I want something silly, or different, inspiring or just some useless knowledge.  Not what so-and-so wore to the store yesterday or what some political figure said that made people upset.

So, to gain any sort of inspiration… I looked up the “holidays” that are this week:  Mother’s Day, Apple Pie Day, Kite Day, National Chocolate Chip Day and Straw Hat Day.  I surprisingly found a few articles on Straw Hat Day (One, two).  This tradition started in Baltimore to signal in the start of summer… I guess men decided to change their hat while women decided it was ok to wear white shoes.  I’d personally rather go with a straw hat (although I guess some white shoes aren’t too bad… or maybe I just haven’t learned how to rock them just yet).

In a related, but more charitable story, I found this article about a luncheon in Central Park where you had to wear a hat.

But I’ve got to say, these hat ladies mean serious business. This event was started 28 years ago by 75 ladies who lunched at Tavern on the Green. They wore hats to garner media attention and draw awareness to restoring the park. The group included Betsy Barlow Rogers, who is still donning her bonnet for the cause. This year, the event raised $2.4 million. The Women’s Committee who runs it furnishes 20 percent of the Central Park Conservancy’s annual budget.

Some of those women had straw hats.  I’m not sure if they knew SHD was coming up, but good timing on their part.  1200 women attended that event. 

Here’s my salute to SHD (even though, it’s not a straw hat, it’s the closest I could come):

I sure hope this finding things gets easier 🙂

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