The list

Ok, so here it is in all it’s glory (guess it didn’t take me that long… and I swear now I’ll get to work!).  This all should be done by February 6, 2013.  It’s pretty difficult to come up with 101 things.  But I think a lot of these will pose challenges and exciting opportunities! 

Spiritual (I’m including both the traditional form of spiritual, as well as things that you do for others and the planet):

  1. Answer the “50 questions that will free your mind”
  2. Volunteer at the Humane Society
  3. Go a week without complaining (0/7)
  4. Inspire someone else to make their own list
  5. Do 10 random acts of kindness (0/10)
  6. Adopt an angel during the holidays
  7. Buy a pair of Tom’s shoes
  8. Go to church once a month (0/33)
  9. Donate clothes once a year (0/3)
  10. Find a new charity each year and donate to it (0/3)
  11. Fill up my journal with quotes, songs, verses – whatever inspires me
  12. Read the Bible from cover to cover
  13. Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor
  14. Send a care package to a soldier
  15. Make an effort to use reusable grocery bags
  16. Write my list along with comments when finished in a journal (0/101)
  17. Send an anonymous compliment to a business
  18. Take RCIA classes to understand the Catholic faith
  19. Don’t drive anywhere for one week
  20. Drink a cup of tea and pray every day for a month


  1. Wear fake eyelashes
  2. Get pregnant
  3. Buy a bike
  4. Run a 5k
  5. Improve my posture
  6. Get back to 120 lbs and maintain it
  7. Wear jeans only once a week to work for a month (0/4)
  8. Take a walk on every nice day during lunch for a month
  9. Do the Couch to 5k challenge
  10. Do at least 10 pushups/sit up every day; and try to increase it (0/1001)


  1. Eat at 10 new restaurants (0/10)
  2. Go to a vineyard
  3. Stay at a bed and breakfast
  4. Buy a new bathing suit
  5. Give a 100% tip
  6. Complete a 365 day photo challenge (0/365)
  7. Grow a plant from a seed
  8. Plant a flower garden
  9. Watch every episode of House
  10. Go on a spontaneous roadtrip
  11. Go to a roller derby match
  12. Visit a lighthouse
  13. Color an entire coloring book
  14. Have a candlelit dinner with my husband
  15. Eat 3 things I’ve never tried before (0/3)
  16. Buy a pair of killer heels
  17. Buy a house
  18. Buy a sewing machine
  19. Make curtains
  20. Go on a ghost tour
  21. Give 5 “I saw this and thought of you” gifts (0/5)
  22. Go to the new Yankee Stadium
  23. Cook something for a family holiday gathering
  24. Take a picture of 26 things, one for every letter of the alphabet (cannot be combined with 365 day challenge) (0/26)
  25. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen – one for each letter of the alphabet (0/26)
  26. Host a work party
  27. Mail a random card to a friend each month (0/33)
  28. Finish my tshirt quilt
  29. Collect a postcard from every place we visit
  30. Go to an amusement park during Halloween
  31. Send birthday cards to all of my immediate family members (0/37)
  32. Get a bedside table for my side of the bed
  33. Go to an antique mall
  34. Replace my black flats
  35. Renew our passports (0/2)
  36. Watch fireflies in the park at home
  37. Make a table runner
  38. Grow our own vegetables and herbs
  39. Buy flowers once a month for the apartment just because (0/33)
  40. Take more pictures of everyday life (cannot be combined with other photography things)
  41. Successfully pull off the 50th anniversary table
  42. Build a support system where ever we end up
  43. Clean out the storage closet and purge
  44. Finish my coffee every day for a week (0/7)
  45. Make cookies once a month for a year (0/12)
  46. Finish our Christmas stockings
  47. Make our own chocolate covered strawberries
  48. Do all chores on Saturday instead of Sunday
  49. Go through my things at my parents house


  1. Go to 5 different museums (0/5)
  2. Learn to knit
  3. Learn how to use Photoshop
  4. Read a new book each month (0/33)
  5. Go to an aquarium
  6. Get a new job
  7. Learn how to use a sewing machine
  8. Learn how to make jelly/jam
  9. Spend a day learning and exploring Denver
  10. Learn how to can vegetables
  11. Accomplish a to-do list every day for a month
  12. Take a craft class
  13. Don’t log into FB at work for one month
  14. Learn how to design my own blog
  15. Complete my work to-do list
  16. Continue to attend book-club
  17. Go to an outdoor festival
  18. Find one abstract article a week and blog about it (0/143)
  19. Create and follow a bill paying plan
  20. Attend all division seminars for a season
  21. Spend a sunny afternoon reading at a park
  22. Create my 101 things to do (101/101)


  1. Good luck with your goals! I’ve watched every episode of House – that’s a good goal to have! 🙂

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