Out with the old and in with the new…. shoes.

So last night I finished one of my to-do’s: I replaced my black flats.
This was pretty hard to do, surprisingly.  The ones in the back were the first pair of flats that I’ve actually been able to wear without getting blisters.  And after I took the picture, I’m pretty embarassed that I was still wearing those around.  They were super comfortable, fit my feel perfectly and they’ll be hard to put in the trash (honestly, I can’t even use the excuse I’ll use them for yardwork because a) who does yardwork in flats, and b) I don’t have a yard to do yardwork in… yet).  But usually it’s really hard to give up shoes that have been so good to you.  It’s like those old pair of cleats I have somewhere in the basement at my parent’s house.  I had broken them in so well, even to the point of ripping the toe – but I couldn’t give them up, so I put a toe guard on them and went along.  Or like those sneakers you had as a kid.  I remember I wore some so long that the soles would rip away from the bottom of the shoe.  But, as a “grown up” now, I have to put these old ones away and move on.
The old ones were pretty plain, black suade with a little patent “bow” type thing on them.  These new ones are the same material, minus the bow and they have a stretchy back to make sure that I won’t get blisters.  I’m pretty excited about them – I almost bought a pair of Steve Maddens not too long after Christmas, but couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on them.  These guys were a steal from Off Broadway Shoes – $40 but 40% off.  My kinda bargain!
I also started on another goal: Eat at 10 new restaurants.  Two of our friends, D&M, have been mentioning for the last 9 mos to a year about this Italian restaurant near them – Abrusci’s (picture source). 
 First of all, you know it’s bound to be good when it’s in a strip mall.  Some of the best Italian places I’ve been to (especially back East) are all in strip malls.  And we walked in at 5 p.m. and it was really busy.  So we’re seated and they bring us bread and this plate of what looks like hummus and herbs.  I asked D what it was, and he said it was a garlic paste – I wish I had taken a picture of it, because it was crazy!  Soooo good.  And the bread was fantastic.  We then had fried cheese ravioli and calimari – pretty decent (their calimari was fresh and hand-breaded and friend there).  We decided on going the family style route there, and ordered two different dishes – their signature dish, Steve’s Rigatoni and Sausage and the Spicy Linguini with Clams.  The clams were not very good – very herby, and they used onion in their white sauce, which none of us were really a fan of.  The rigatoni on the other hand was to die for.  And, our bill (now, we didn’t have wine or dessert – no room after all that!) was only $39.  Can’t beat it!  But we had to walk around for a while after cause we all were waddling out of there. 
Today, I made good on my start to get back to 120.  I went down to the gym at the apartment complex and completed my workout mix.  The first few songs were pretty rough to get through, but I’m attributing that to the fact that I’m so out of shape.  I pushed through and finished it.  To reward myself on a job well done, I put on my bathing suit (very self-consciously, of course) and headed down to the pool for about 45 minutes.  I got some nice sun, and feel much better.  Maybe this working out thing won’t be too bad!

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