One down… 142 to go.

You know those days when you feel like the weather has picked up on your moods and is showing the world how you feel?  Yeah – that’s me today.

I don’t know why I’m so down.  You’d think I’d be excited since S and I are headed back East on Friday (really, really early, but that’s besides the point).  I’m overly sensitive and just want to be left alone.  And no, I haven’t fulfilled the to-do of Get pregnant.  I guess I just go through phases.

S found out yesterday that what he thought was his fallback job doesn’t really exist.  So I’m stuck here until he finds something.  I guess I should’ve spoken up during my review last week when he said to let him know if I don’t like what I’m doing and dread coming into work, because he doesn’t want me to be like that (and yes, the dreaded review went surprisingly well… I actually got an “Excellent work!” on part of it).   I just don’t know if there’s anything my boss can do to change it – unless he lets me in on some managerial things.  But that’s what our Admin, L, is for.

But off the woe-is-me stuff.  Maybe I should work on that not complaining goal.  I have a job with fantastic benefits, it pays me well, and it’s secure (until at least December).

As the title of the post alludes to, it’s been a week (!!) since I started my list.  I think I thought I’d be further along than I actually am, but I’ve got a lot of things in progress.  And I completed another day of working out.  It hasn’t been too bad actually, even though I hate sweating and don’t own enough workout socks or sports bras.  You can tell I really thought this through before I started 😉

Speaking of… this sparked a thought last night.  When is the best time to weigh yourself?  I know that your weight fluctuates throughout the day, but when is the best?  Is it standing there naked before you jump into your morning shower, or is it when you come home from work and are fully clothed?  Or some other time all-together?

I’m debating about starting one of my two photo-challenges this weekend – since we’ll be doing some fun stuff in the next two weeks and going to different places.  I’m leaning toward the 26 pictures first, which can get me fired up to do the 365 photo challenge.  I’ll keep you posted on that decision.


  1. I always weigh myself naked, preshower on Friday mornings because the weekend diet tends to bloat me up. But regardless of when you do it, it just needs to be the same time and day (once a week). Your weight fluctuates too much day-to-day to really gage that and going one month is too long for me (I’ve heard this is ideal in other places). So, once a week, on Fridays for me. =)

  2. I always weigh myself in the morning, because most of the food has digested properly and I believe you don’t have much extra crud in your system. Yeah, I weigh with the least amount of clothes on too… though I did notice the other day I had a sweatshirt and jeans on and compared to being barely clothed, that only affected my weight by one pound.

  3. Thanks girls – I guess the morning is the way to go!

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