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Since I had a pretty big update yesterday, and took the rest of the day off, I decided that’s probably how my Mondays will be, but I want to continue blogging as close to every day as I can, so I came up with an idea: Monday Musings.  It’ll be a focus on something I’ve been thinking about – maybe something to do with the 101/1001, or my thoughts on something I heard on the radio or tv.  Whatever makes me go, hmm.

So for the first edition of Monday Musings, I want to talk about Mondays.  What’s so bad about Mondays anyway?  I mean, we have two guaranteed Monday holidays (Labor Day and Memorial Day), so that should mean something, right?

This morning wasn’t really the epitome of a “manic Monday”, but it was a struggle none-the-less.  My alarm went off at 6:05 am and I laid there for a good 40 minutes.  It was such an effort to just put my feet on the floor not to mention shower, get coffee and lunch together and get myself into the car.  It’s not like this weekend was overly strenuous – and I actually worked out yesterday, so shouldn’t I have slept better and felt more rested?  And my coffee took too long to get me going.

It also seemed that everyone on the road was just angry that it was Monday again.  People flying up on bumpers, cutting people off.  I guess the weekends are just too enjoyable and most people are unhappy in their jobs that when Monday rolls around everyone’s just irritated!  But in this economy, people are more willing to drag themselves to a job they hate than put themselves out there and try to find something better (I fit into that category, of course, and I guess that’s why I have to use most of my morning energy into just getting up and into the shower.  I’ve been trying to put myself out there – I’ve applied to go back to school for a PhD, as well as for 5 other positions.  And I haven’t heard back from one!).

Even the file systems here were having a “case of the Mondays” as they all crashed – thank goodness I hadn’t started on anything too important yet!

Time seems to drag (I’ve seriously messed with my blog, checked work email, checked in with my boss, grabbed and ate breakfast and it’s not even 11 am yet) and I swear I’ll never make it out of the work day alive.  Once that whistle blows and I’m on my way home, the rest of the week seems to fly by. 

Oh Mondays – we need to work on our relationship.

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