“Let me go home”

So it’s time for another edition of

So this weekend was way too short, but full of the things that you’d expect when you head to a wedding in your family – so it leads me to this… Even after such a long and busy weekend, how can you just feel so refreshed and so full of energy, even though you were going non-stop?

As I alluded to in my last post, my cousin got married on Saturday.  And while I wasn’t completely disconnected from the cyber-world, we just took the time to enjoy the time we had with everyone.  We stepped off the plane on Friday afternoon and were just surrounded by love.  There’s probably no greater feeling in the world.

We went out to dinner, went out for drinks with my sister, hung out at the hotel bar (we used a gift certificate from our wedding reception venue to stay there the first night), saw my grandmother on my mom’s side, went to the wedding, danced til our feet hurt (which they still do today!), drove back two hours (and played 20 ?’s to keep us all awake), slept in, ate breakfast, did some sight-seeing, watched a movie and then caught our flight… and yet, for some reason, even though I came back home exhausted, I felt renewed and rejuvenized.

I think it was this: a reminder that S and I are part of something bigger – a family so full of love and joy and compassion for each other.  Being so far away from them (not only my family, but his family is the same way) sometimes lends itself to forgetting that you’re part of something like that.  It really pulled at our heartstrings to get closer to everyone… but that just may be out of our control right now.

Family is such a blessing (and, sometimes, a curse), but when you’ve been down for awhile about not having a lot of friends close-by, family is the only medicine to make you feel better.  S and I are so blessed to have the most amazing family in the world – one who supports our decisions, listens to our hopes and fears, and are there with open arms when we just need reassurance.

So take the time this week to show your family how much they mean to you – even if you live right down the street.

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