Jerk – n: a dull, stupid fatuous person

I have done something to my knee.  I have no idea what it is.  But it hurts to go up and down stairs.  Yikes.

Anyways, thanks to Fin over at Curly-Haired Confessions I started on yet another to-do item: Give 5 I saw this and thought of you gifts.

I won’t tell you who I sent it to, because she’d probably get angry with me (and, she may get angry with me just for sending it to her), but I sent the book: How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk. She and I recently had a discussion about how she’s afraid that when she starts dating again, she’s going to fall for a guy who’s just not good for her.  I know she’s a smart, beautiful woman and her fears are legitimate… it’s very scary to get out there and find someone who treats you the way you deserve to be treated.  So I figure, what does it hurt.  Besides, she could make a cute little book cover and take it places so no one knows what she’s reading.  I know that if I hadn’t met S, then I would definitely be open to this book, because those of you who know my dating past know that I had a few jerks thrown in the mix.  I’m of the firm belief though that you have to date the jerks to meet the prince, your diamond in the rough.  And some will do so more often than others.  So to you, the lucky receiver of my first gift – please take it for what it is… a gesture of love and support.

In approximately 8 hours, my parents will touch down at DIA for a fun weekend.  What’s on the agenda you ask?

A) Breakfast at The Breakfast Queen II where the most heavenly breakfast burritos smothered in green chili exist, a ghost tour of the Stanley Hotel, followed by a drive down the Peak to Peak Highway to Idaho Springs.  And, it should be a gorgeous, hot and sunny drive (thank goodness I got the oil changed yesterday) Picture source

B) Breakfast at Steuben’s, a cute funky little diner in downtown, followed by 5th row seats at Coors Field to watch the Rockies take on Torri and the Dodgers.  Dinner still TBD (Rodizio Grill perhaps?)
C) Maybe a breakfast cooked in, some shopping, maybe a movie or just spending time together – all I know is mom and I will be planting those seeds.  I’m thinking these planters from Crate and Barrel.

I’ll try to get a post in Saturday night or Sunday morning – but it might be as late as Tuesday (::gasp::)!  Hope you all have a fantastic holiday weekend!!


  1. Yay, Steuben’s! I can taste the eggs benedict, still. Yum . . .

  2. I’m excited for my book!! 🙂

  3. I’m so jealous!! I’ve wanted to go on a ghost tour of the Stanley Hotel for so long!! I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the show “Ghost Hunters” but they did an investigation at the Stanley and I’ve wanted to go ever since. Not to mention (if I’m not mistaken) this hotel was Stephen King’s muse for the “The Shining”. One of my favorite books and authors. Anyway sounds like you have a great weekend ahead of you!

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