Inch by inch.

Last week I mentioned that I had taken my measurements and written them down to be seen by me alone and as sort of a tracking mechanism for my weight loss.  Since I’m seeing no change on the scale (I really should quit weighing daily), and it’s been a week since I measured last, I thought I’d do it again.  S walked in as I was starting to measure, and he offered to help.  I was a little skeptical of letting him see my measurements, but I gave in and let him help.   And I am soooo excited with my results!!!

I lost an inch off my bustline, an inch off my waist and an inch and a half off my love handles!!!!!!  The work is paying off.  Even though that goal says get to 120 pounds, my body just may not be designed to be at that weight anymore (minus of course the unhealthy ways of getting weight off, and I love food too much).  What matters the most is how I feel about myself, and how I physically feel.  I can say that even after working out for only 10 days I can walk from the parking lot to the building (which is up an incline and a good .2 of a mile, maybe a bit more depending on how unlucky you get with spots) without getting out of breath (even in heels!!!).  Why didn’t I do this before?!?!?!  And yes – I still hate sweating.

In other news… I put in an email to volunteer with the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society here in Denver.  They have a “kitten brigade” where people come in to clean and play with the kittens that they have during kitten season.  I think it’d be a perfect way to start to get involved and get the Volunteer at the humane society goal complete.  And when I went to find the Denver Humane Society page, all I kept getting was the Denver City government site.  Besides, I’d rather work at a no-kill, because my heart would probably break working at the Humane society and I’d want to save every animal from being put down.  My little girl came from a no-kill shelter in Alabama (as did S’s), and we have a place in our hearts for people who give these animals a safe home until they find their permanent place.

And… in job news: S got a call requesting references for a job out here in Boulder.  This is great news, and a step in the direction of finding a place to become more permanent!  Still no word on another possibility out of CO… but hope there isn’t lost.

And, in case you forgot.. it’s ALMOST FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

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