Excitement, progress and a new article.

I am 41 hours away from boarding my flight back to VA for my cousin’s wedding.  I am soooo giddy with excitement I can’t even stand it.  This trip is the first time I’ve left CO since Christmas (I was supposed to go to Kansas City for a sorority conference back in February, but the flight got canceled as we sat on the runway).  I need a break – some time away from here.  Where I can leave my laptop behind and enjoy the familiar sights and sounds of SW Virginia and spend some time celebrating love with my family.

So last night, after getting on the bus after work grumpy and being less-than-friendly to my husband, I went to workout.  I decided on my way back up from the gym that I was going to just snap out of my mood.  I didn’t know what had put me there, and since I couldn’t figure it out, I shouldn’t dwell on it.  I walked up to S all sweaty and gave him a hug and apologized for being Queen Moody the past two days (and no, it wasn’t because the first 5 seasons of House were in our mailbox waiting for us when we got home).  We messed around on the computer for awhile, then I got the grand idea to take “before” pictures to follow my workout progress.  What a wake-up call.  From the front, not tooo bad, but still pretty soft around the middle. The side was probably the best picture I took.  From the back… yikes.  S said, as he was taking it, “You’re not gonna like this”.  He was right.  I was pretty embarrassed to even let him take it.  But it’ll be nice to follow the changes… I’ll probably take some more every other week or so.  And no, I won’t show you, because a) I’m not dressed well enough to put it out there on the internet and b) I’m not that comfortable with my body.

Last Wednesday I posted my first attempt at commenting on something I found.  Today’s article is something that I just found while trying to find another article I read about in the Colorado Daily,  a free small paper that’s part of Boulder’s larger paper, The Daily Camera, yesterday. Readers beware:  This feeds into my science nerdiness.  I know, you had thought I was cool until now 😉

I’m sure you all remember the 1980’s arcade game, Pac-Man with that cute, little yellow circle face – and if you don’t, I’m sure you can find one at some arcades around.  Apparently, one of Saturn’s moons has Pac-Man fever… literally.  One of the moons has a hotspot that looks just like our little pixel friend (Picture from NASA).  It even looks like it’s about to eat one of the dots.

This moon, Mimas, is one of the 60 that Saturn has.  It’s different than our moon, which is warmest where the Sun is facing, and coldest where it’s not (think: day and night).  It’s raised some questions about this moon, which is icy and even with the hotspot it’s not hot… 294 degrees below zero in the warmest region.  Scientists at NASA are hoping to look at another moon to see what type, if any, similarities it has.  Planets and space are pretty fascinating (even though I dislike most of that Sci-Fi stuff).  But when science resembles such a cool game like Pac-Man, what’s not to love!

And, obscure holiday of the week: National Cherry Cobbler Day (May 17) and Buy a Musical-Instrument Day (May 22).  Maybe that’s what I should buy my cousin and her soon-to-be husband… an instrument!


  1. Don’t feel bad, I’m a science nerd too. Ok, maybe not science. I suck at science. Astronomy though, is awesome! You have me curious now anyways and I’m going to go google this. Oh yeah, and good luck with the workouts!!

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