Blown away.

So for Christmas, Scott bought us tickets to go see Michael Buble at the Pepsi Center here in Denver. The concert was last night… and we went not sure what to expect.

We get there about 30 minutes early settle into our seats (20th row!!!) and wait for the opening act. The lights go out and I hear a guy start singing their version of whatever song it was… it definitely wasn’t as good as the original (most usually aren’t) and I immediately thought… great. Awful opener. Holy cow was I wrong.

The group is called Naturally 7 from New York. Now, I don’t really like the genre of music they do (motown-esq), but I can appreciate talent when I see it. Scott and I couldn’t get over these guys. They do everything with voices… no percussion, guitars, bass… here’s a link to a video to check them out:
Wall of Sound – Naturally 7

And, Michael Buble was pretty good himself 🙂 Actually, he was better than I thought he would be… the guy can sing. And, entertain. He was all about the fans… very appreciative and humble. Songs selection was great, and the guys in his band were talented too (yay for a Roanoker – Bryan Lipps is one of his trumpeters). We sat, stood, danced and sang (well, Scott did the first two only :)) and really enjoyed ourselves. He even did a small, 30 sec bit imitating Michael Jackson… he sounded just like him too… definitely a highlight of the show.

On the way home, we splurged and took a pedi-cab home, which was a blast. I’m so glad the weather was nice where we could enjoy the walk over there/ride back.

We didn’t get to bed until pretty late, and it was hard to get up for work this morning… but I highly suggest you go see a show of his tour if you get a chance… definitely worth it!

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